Private Label Nautical Red

A picture of our Nautical Red wine. the label is a mermaid with lots of Tattoo's to represent both our Oriental and New Bern Community.
We are excited to announce the arrival of our Private Label, South African, Nautical Red! Shipped all the way over from the W.O. Cape Coast of South Africa, this red wine represents a partnership between continents. The Nautical red is a blend of  53% Shiraz, 23% Mourvedre, 19% Grenache, and 5% cinsault. Red berries dominate the nose with an underlying spice and elegance. The palate is velvety smooth, medium-bodied, with a lengthy finish. 
9/8/23 & 9/9/23 we will be offering free tastings of our new wine from 4-6 PM at both our ONC and New Bern location! Stop in to experience our exclusive lwine.

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