The Australian Tucker Bag
The Australian Tucker Bag

Cape Woolamai

The Australian Tucker Bag

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In Aussie slang, a "Tucker" is a large lunch, and the Tucker Bag is the ideal bag for a large lunch, or a day out. Declare your independence from the office refrigerator, and the mid-day deli line. Crafted from ruggedly elegant, weather resistant, oilskin canvas, and insulated with pure Australian wool, your Tucker Bag can be used to keep hot items hot, or cold items cold for up to 6 hours without any artificial help.

Add a reusable freezer block, and your Tucker Bag becomes a portable refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Going ice-free means there is no wasted space, wasted money, added weight, or water to become a leaky mess. The 3.7 gallon capacity makes your Tucker Bag perfect for a day trip for one, a couple, or small family. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to carry your Tucker Bag in comfort.

Versatile is another word which describes the Tucker Bag. Your Tucker Bag can easily carry 3 bottles of wine, a 12-pack of cans, 9 pint bottles, a home packed lunch plus drinks & snacks, temperature sensitive medications, or anything else your appetites and lifestyle desires.

So, go ahead and take a Tucker. You've earned it.