October Complementary Wine Tasting - A Taste of Italy

Join us for our monthly, complementary wine tasting in New Bern on Friday, October 21st from 5-7pm and in Oriental Saturday, October 22nd at 2 & 3pm.

This month it's all things Italian with Italian Wine Aficionado Heather Parnham.  After college, Heather spent several years traveling all over Europe, visiting the different regions of Italy – where she says, "I fell in love with Tuscany (who doesn’t ha ha ha)."  Heather states that "Sangiovese has become the 'love of my life' so to say and has been the constant driver of my passion in this industry.  I love studying the seemingly endless varietals and styles we find in Italy and the 'traditions' that old and new winemakers are creating and keeping alive. I look forward to sharing my passion with everyone and hopefully introducing you to some new favorites!"

More about Heather...

Heather got her start in the wine industry from the restaurant side, where she worked as the Wine Director for Brian Malarky in San Diego for several years before making the transition to the sales side of things.  She has spent the last decade in the Southern California wine industry working for some of the best suppliers and distributors in the business.  During that decade, her concentration was spent honing her knowledge and focusing on her interests that span from Old World to New World wines, with a concentration on Italians.

Heather is a Certified Sommelier, WSET Level 3, CSW, and has received her Italian Wine Intensive Certification.


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