Join the Nautical Wheelers "Bendewijn" aka "Wine Gang"

 You don't have to go on a safari to get your own personal South African wines.

Albert Ahrens explains the concept of "Bendewijn" which translates to "Wine Gang...




Calling all wine collectors and South African wine lovers!  Join the Nautical Wheelers "Bendewijn" aka "Wine Gang" and you'll have access to some unique, small volume wines that are elegantly packaged and personalized just for you. 

We are partnering with our friend and importer of South African wines Andy Woolgar of Elephants Corner Wines and winemaker Albert Ahrens to bring you distinctive, rare wines that are exquisitely packaged.  Aside from the Ahrens Family wines, Albert produces a carefully sourced range of wines to a very select group called ‘Bendewijn’. 

Andy tells us that "Bendewijn means ‘Wine Gang’ which Albert goes to great lengths to describe as a wine gang rather than a wine club. Think of it as a cult, perhaps, a small group of diehard wine fans that put their name forward to receive a carefully sourced six pack twice a year."  Albert’s wines have never been available in the USA until now and we are honored and excited to start our very own Nautical Wheelers "Wine Gang". 


So how do you become part of this elite 'gang'?  The cost for a 6 pack of rare wines selected just for you is $225.  The best way to join the gang is to stop by the store and sign up to purchase your 6 pack or click here to sign up and buy your six pack online.  These are rare, small volume wines so you'll want to jump on this opportunity quickly as there will be limited amounts available. This is not a subscription, you just pre-purchase this 6 pack. If you love it, we will let you know when the next edition is ready. 

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