Quality products have always been at the core of our mission here at Nautical Wheelers, and POLYWOOD is no exception. Durable, sustainable, and backed with a twenty-year warranty, POLYWOOD is a product we can be beyond confident in selling to you, our customers. 

Now, you may be asking, what makes POLYWOOD so special? Why do you love it so much? Is it really that amazing? Really that durable? How sustainably made can furniture really be anyways? 

Well today I hope to answer some of those questions for you. First let's talk about POLYWOOD's sustainability mission. Then, we can get into the unmatched quality and durability. 

Owners Bill and Camilla Wheeler at the Syracuse, Indiana POLYWOOD factory.  


It's no small secret that plastic waste has become a large issue in our society. It litters our waterways, roadways, and fills our landfills. Over the years advocacy and action for recycling has taken off, a great step to take care of our planet. However, as the use of plastic around our country has grown it's brought problems with it - what to do with a now, overabundance, of recycled plastic?


Two high school friends in a garage, in Syracuse, Indiana; Doug Rassi and Mark Phillabaum. The duo of budding entrepreneurs had made a realization about the recycled plastic; high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, to be specific. They saw that it was extremely durable and weather resistant which sparked them to innovation: HDPE outdoor furniture. 

True POLYWOOD lumber (that you can get from us here at Nautical Wheelers) is made of recycled and reusable plastics in a circular, 99% waste-free process. This means that in the future, the furniture and its elements can be recycled, starting the process all over again. Since POLYWOOD material is infinitely recyclable, POLYWOOD is able to reprocess any production scrap back into lumber, giving it new life and keeping it out of landfills.

The process by which milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, and other plastic discard is turned into beautiful outdoor furniture is best explained by the experts:  Here. POLYWOOD is committed to innovation and sustainability, pushing the envelope every day to create even more sustainable designs and maintain transparent business practices.

This unwavering commitment to ethical business practices is just another reason to love POLYWOOD.

 Nautical Wheelers' owners Bill and Camilla Wheeler at the Indiana POLWOOD factory, in front of just some of the rescued plastics bound for repurpose into POLYWOOD!


If sustainable and ethical business practices weren't enough to get you hooked on POLYWOOD, the unmatched quality and durability is sure to do the trick. POLYWOOD is made to last. With the built-in ability to withstand the height all four seasons and any climate. Hot sun, snow, salt spray, and even heavy winds, are no match for the durable materials POLYWOOD is constructed of. 

POLYWOOD is also incredibly easy to maintain - being able to be cleaned with just soap and water, but also durable enough to withstand power washing (should the need arise). Unlike traditional lumbers, POLYWOOD will never need to be sanded, painted, or stained. Being made from recycled plastic, POLYWOOD is also immune to the rotting, molding, and bacterial harboring properties of traditional wood. Saving trees and reducing landfill waste! 

POLYWOOD stands behind their durable HDPE lumber and stainless-steel hardware, so much so that ALL POLYWOOD comes with a twenty-year warranty. If for any reason your POLYWOOD furniture cracks, fades, or rusts, your purchase is protected and Nautical Wheelers and POLYWOOD will work to get the issue remedied as quickly (and painlessly!) as possible.   

Check out the "Outdoor Showroom" (the yard) at Nautical Wheelers in Oriental, NC to see the best in stock selection!

You may also visit either store, contact sandy@nauticalwheelersnc.com, or call the stores for more information and availability. 

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