Nautical Wheelers New Bern Bear

EDIT - MAY 5th, 2024

Our bear, Jimmy, has been unveiled! A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We truly have such an amazing customer base, and we appreciate the love and support the community showed us at Friday's grand reveal. 

In case you aren't able to come see Jimmy in person, here's some pictures. The pictures honestly, don't do him justice. He is just beautiful! 

New Bern local artist, Christine Provard is responsible for Jimmy's incredible look. Click the link in her name to explore more of her beautiful artwork. 



Jimmy is named and themed after the incredible legacy of Jimmy Buffett. For those who may not know, our shop name, Nautical Wheelers is actually a Buffett song! Given that our owners are Bill and Camilla Wheeler, and all things Nautical has always been at the core of the business, Nautical Wheelers seemed like the perfect name choice. 

Originally, Jimmy wasn't Jimmy at all, but rather a more overall tribute to Nautical Wheelers as a store. But with Jimmy Buffett's passing in 2023, we knew we had to honor the original creator of our namesake. Adorned with margaritas, fins, a cheeseburger, and a parrot (among other nods), we think the real Jimmy would even be a fan of Jimmy Bearffett who now lives in 3/4 time outside the New Bern store. 

The breathtaking back is our owners, Bill and Camilla on a sailboat. Sailing has always been a true passion for Bill and Camilla so this beautiful ode to them felt beyond fitting. There would be no Nautical Wheelers without them, so having them featured on our bear was truly special for all.

If you're ever around New Bern stop by Nautical Wheelers and see Jimmy for yourself. Chris' work is truly incredible, and we are so fortunate to be able to display him outside of the store. 

Bubble's up and keep the party going!  


Nautical Wheelers is beyond excited to invite you to our special event on Friday May 3rd at 4pm.

The unveiling of our very own New Bern Bear! These bears are such a special part of New Bern's community, and we are honored to be a part of this tradition. Friday's unveiling will be a very special event. With a Sip N Shop, raffles, snacks, a chances to meet the Artist, and so much more fun! 

This event will be at the New Bern Nautical Wheelers location (202 A Craven Street), with lots of fun for the whole family. 

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