Nautical Wheelers Gift Giving Guide: Avery's Home!

Looking to give a unique gift that also gives back? Look no further, Avery's Home is at Nautical Wheelers!

Meet Avery, founder and designer of all Avery's Home products!

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Avery is a self-taught artist out of Indiana, she designs all products by hand, and all of her products are made in-house. Check out these awesome designs she has made for us that are available in store and online!

How does Avery give back? For one thing, she believes in shopping small and supporting local business. You will only find Avery's Home products in small retailers, like Nautical Wheelers!

Avery's mission is to create whimsical artwork that is also sustainable. Reach for one of her bright and beautiful dish towels rather than a paper towel; all of her products are machine washable too, so you can use them as much as you please with ease.

In addition, she donates a portion of her proceeds to many different charities, such as: 

- Ocean Conservation
- Ending Human Trafficking
- Saving the Bees
- Supporting Foster care & Adoption

A product with a purpose!

What are you waiting for? Shop our Avery's Home products here! You might want to come and see them for yourself though, pictures just don't do this beautiful artwork justice! 

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