Featured Wine - "Die Posman" (The Postman)

Every now and then a wine comes along that is so exceptional, and with a such a special story behind it, we feel it worthy of a spotlight.   With that, we give you "Die Posman" otherwise known as "The Postman". 

The Story

Many of you know Andy Woolgar, South African wine importer, aficionado and dear friend of the Nautical Wheelers family.  As the label on the back states, "This wine represents a friendship that spans 8000 miles, two continents, several years of laughs, braai's (the South African equivalent of an American barbeque), banters, mutual respect and passion for creating and enjoying the best hand-made wine South Africa has to offer.  The Postman delivers 'on time' First Class quality that celebrates our wonderful connection and passion for living the Lekker life." (Lekker means 'yummy' in Dutch.  But it applies to more than just food - it's also a feeling)

The friendship noted is that of Andy Woolgar of Elephants Corner Wines and renowned wine maker Wynand Grobler of De Kleine Wijn Koop wines.  Wynand, lovingly nicknamed Andy "The Postman" because he says that whenever he calls Andy, he is out making a wine delivery like a postman, hence the likeness of Andy and the post man featured on the label.  Two versions of the 'Die Posman' are available, a white and a red.  The white is a Grenache Blanc and the red a Carignan.  Andy says that "The Carignan 'black & white' label features black bars that represent in Wynand's mind, a jail cell as he insists my 'indoor cats' are being imprisoned in my house!"

 Here's a picture of Andy and Wynand taken by Bill Wheeler during a trip to South Africa last September:

The Wine

A great story right (we think so)!  Just as the story behind the 'Die Posman' is lovely, so is the wine itself.  

In the words of Andy Woolgar; "Wynand knew he had to come up with something really special for the first vintage of this wine, so he chose to use a small block of Grenache Blanc that he shares with fellow Swartland vintner Donovan Rall. Vinified in concrete tanks as well as steel, Die Posman Wit was born at the end of 2021, just 400 bottles. Wynand submitted the wine to John Platter, our SA version of Robert Parker, and immediately it scored 4.9/5 / 97 points! We received the shipment in February 2022 and sold out in just 2 weeks. Thanks to the success of the Grenache Blanc, fans demanded a red version, so we delivered!"  And so 'Die Posman' Carignan was born, "a rather delicious Carignan that has been aged in Concrete and 300L French Oak."
Only 600 bottles of each wine were made with 420 of each arriving in North Carolina last month. Per Andy, "The rest of the juice will be consumed in SA and by our followers in the Netherlands. The Carignan comes from the renowned Voor-Paardeberg vineyards of Willie Mostert, who is famous in SA terms for cultivating unusual vines in our soils, long before it was the trend."
Grenache Blanc 2022 Tasting Notes:
This is the second vintage of the original 'Die Posman' with grapes that are harvested early to preserve freshness. First, cold stored 


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