Book Signing with local author Joan Aubele

Join us on Saturday, February 11th, as we welcome local author Joan Aubele.  Joan will be on our front porch from 1-4pm introducing and signing her latest book "Hearts Ablaze" a sequel to her first novel "The Dance".   Keep reading to learn more about Joan and her amazing journey and the inspiration behind her two books. 
The Dance synopsis:
"Four months after giving birth to her third child, a twenty-nine-year-old woman is given a death sentence by her doctor. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she’s told to make funeral arrangements and say goodbye to her family. She has always relied on her religious beliefs but becomes the unsuspecting recipient of what can only be described as miracles. Twenty-five years in the making, Joan, or Joanie, as she is known to friends and family, humbly shares her triumphant story as an inspiration to all. This lovely, Deluxe 2nd Edition of her best-selling memoir, "The Dance – A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival," includes a new Forward, a heartfelt message from Joan's oncologist, and a special preview of her next book, "Hearts Ablaze." 
Medjugorje Magazine reviewed it as a true love story! I now include a rose with each copy!
Hearts Ablaze synopsis:
"To Joan’s pleasant surprise, her memoir, The Dance reaches Amazon’s Number One Hot New Release spot within four days of publication. Joan’s true and moving testimony of miracles and the power of prayer have created ripples as far as France, Egypt, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

Julie, her local librarian, amongst many others, urges Joan to write a follow-up book. “You need to share the effects of that best-selling book, and all its' created.” And so, ladies and gentlemen, 
Hearts Ablaze - The Ripples We Create is born.

This compilation of short stories from pivotal life happenings that Joan has witnessed in her travels is sure to inspire. 
Hearts Ablaze truly demonstrates how God is forever placing people in our path to ultimately fulfill His master plan. As you immerse into each story, you’ll quickly realize that you are in fact already creating ripples."

"I am married to my high school sweetheart, Carl. Even though it's been over forty years since we said, "I do," we've never gotten out of the honeymoon stage. We've raised three daughters, and to date, have five grandchildren. I was born and raised in Chicago. After sixty-one years of residing in the Midwest, my husband and I decided to pull our long-standing roots and move to the quant sailing community of Oriental, North Carolina.

How "The Dance" was born - After my brush with death, I was truly inspired! I wanted to pass some of that inspiration on to others. For years, I sold scarves of my own design to inspire women, donating a portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. I included a brief description with each scarf to explain its' wonderful significance.

Well, once people read that little story, they wanted to hear more. My thrilled customers urged me to write a full book about my experience. Actually, my Godmother, several aunts, & my oncologist herself had shared this same opinion for years, but life got in the way. After feeling constant 'nudges' I finally decided to write my story. And it was published just in time to celebrate my twenty-fifth cancer-free anniversary!

Several years ago, my oldest daughter treated me to a weekend inspirational, Christian women’s conference. I was truly inspired and dream of someday being one of those speakers, to help make a difference in people’s lives. Although spending time with my family remains my number one priority, I am now fulfilling my dream of becoming one of those speakers.

I'm proud to be a Diocese Approved Speaker, and bring my amazing story to life to many Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, cancer support groups, MOPS organizations, Relay for Life events, etc.

I'm truly addicted to participating in book signing events and conducting presentations. I LOVE that personal connection - we begin as strangers, and part as friends!

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