Say 'Aloha' to our Favorite Flops: Olukai

One of Nautical Wheelers staples for many years is a brand you are probably already familiar with, Olukai!

Olukai is a Hawaiian based footwear company that specializes in shoes and flip-flops that provide their customers with "sound values, style, comfort, and craftsmanship", according to the brand itself.

Nautical Wheelers Owner, Camilla, states: "I love mine! Super comfortable, great for the beach and the boat".


So, what makes Olukai better footwear? Two words, quality and comfort! The upper portion of each pair is made with premium materials that make them soft to the touch. Not only are they made from super soft materials, but they also offer proper arch support and contour to your feet. They also offer non-slip traction and last for years to come! 

They are so well loved here at Nautical Wheelers. One of our sales associates, Janis, can't get enough of Olukai; she has seven pairs! She claims they are her favorite product we carry.

"Olukai is the most comfortable and best fitting flip ever!! They even get more comfortable as you wear them. And, of course, they have the best colors and designs on the market! That is why I have 7 pairs! Love them, which makes them even easier to sell!"

Check out our styles for both men and women!

Olukai Ohana Men




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