The Convertible Cooler

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The Convertible Cooler

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Everybody Loves a Convertible … The Convertible Cooler is the perfect personal cooler. Not only does this convertible sport a weather-resistant waxed canvas top, but when the top comes down, this cooler converts into whatever you want it to be.

Going to a BBQ? 18-Holes at the course? An afternoon at the pool? Want to make the office refrigerator a lunchtime memory? Or, make a day in the car more enjoyable? The Convertible Cooler is the perfect personal cooler for these, and many more occasions.

Crafted from rugged, water repellant oilskin canvas, and insulated with pure Australian Wool, your Convertible Cooler will adopt the temperature of whatever you place in it, and hold that temperature for up to 6 hours without any artificial help. Your Convertible Cooler can serve as a Hot bag as well. Use it to carry hot items out, or to bring carry-out home. Add a reusable freezer block to keep the contents of your Convertible refrigerator cold for up to 24 hours.

Going ice-free means there is no wasted space, wasted money, added weight, or water to become a leaky mess. Designed as the perfect cooler for a 6-pack of bottles; our customers have discovered a wide range of applications for their Convertibles. Will you be the next person to discover a new, unique application for your Convertible Cooler?