The Manly Cooler

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The Manly Cooler

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Meet King Coolamon ... Adm. Arthur Phillip, leader of the First Fleet, named Manly Cove (Sydney, AUS) in tribute to the “confidence and manly behavior” of the native Aboriginal people. The Manly Cooler -- of the Cape Woolamai Beach Collection -- is the greatest coolamon for enjoying a day of sun, sand & surf ... or any other day for that matter.

Crafted from rugged, water-repellant oilskin canvas, and insulated with pure Australian wool, the Manly Cooler adopts the temperature of whatever you put in it, and will hold temperature for hours. Keep your morning coffee or cocoa hot. Keep your cold beverages cold. Enjoy the experience of your last sip tasting as fresh and refreshing as your first.

In the heat of the summer sun, your drink stays cold & wet, while your hand stays warm & dry. And isn't that the whole reason for having a coolamon in the first place? The leather strap & clip makes for a great handle, and makes it easy to clip your Manly Cooler to your belt, backpack, purse, beach bag, golf bag, life line, saddle, you name it. If you are still using those outdated ice buckets, the bottom drain in your Manly Cooler allows any excess water on the outside of the bottle to drain away.

Available in a range of colors, including traditional oilskin Brown, Sage Green, Sand, and Royal Navy. Your Manly Cooler is great for everything from:

◆12 oz. to 20 oz. Bottles

◆16 oz. to 20 oz. Cans

◆Imperial Pints

◆Many 375ml Bottles

So go ahead, and really enjoy a cold, tall one ... guaranteed.