Antigal, UNO Malbec, Mendoza, Argentia, 2017

Nautical Wheelers Oriental & New Bern

Antigal, UNO Malbec, Mendoza, Argentia, 2017

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Uno Malbec has become a favorite in Oriental and New Bern. 
The "1" on the bottle is cut from the metal wine barrel staves and  many have celebrated with their #1 Love with this wine. (also 1st dates, 1st Love, 1 year Anniversary, 1st Place, 1st Choice

Antigal Winery´s gravity-fed system facilitates exceptionally gentle treatment of our hand-picked and meticulously sorted high-elevation fruit. Consequently, Antigal UNO Malbec 2017 is an unusually elegant expression of its varietal type showing great balance and supple tannins.

“The 2017 vintage of Antigal UNO Malbec offers delicious plums strawberries and blackberry flavors with enticing hints of violets, vanilla, and milk chocolate. Brightened by carefully protected natural acidity, this violet-red intense wine is surprisingly versatile at the dining table and pairs well with lamb, duck, beef as well as pasta and risotto”.