Our Story

In April of 2010, Camilla and Bill Wheeler opened Nautical Wheelers in Oriental, the Sailing Capital of North Carolina, and in June of 2016, they opened their second location in the heart of downtown New Bern, North Carolina. 

Our mission at Nautical Wheelers is:  "To consistently deliver extraordinary customer experiences and offer quality, hand-picked merchandise at a fair price.”  Inspired by Ken Blanchard's book, our desire is to create "Raving Fans".  Our customers come first and creating extraordinary experiences is our number one goal.  

We have a wonderful team of people who keep things running smoothly.  Keep scrolling and get to know the Nautical Wheelers family 

Chrissie White - General Manager

Chrissie has a passion for all footwear and loves L'Artiste shoes "They are colorful, unique & fun!"  She loves Bitchstix because it is a "great lip balm for a great cause". Another one of her favorites are Woodstock chimes "...beautiful chimes to enjoy on a breezy day on the porch."

When Chrissie's not at Nautical Wheelers..."I enjoy art, music, playing with my dog Jolene, being on the water, and watching football. I love all different kinds of music. 60s/70s rock to 90s hip-hop and outlaw country. Big Johnny Cash, Dolly Patron, and Stevie Nicks fan."



Lynnelle Combs - Assistant Manager, New Bern

Lynnelle's Favorite Things:  "Love my pink Aetrex sneakers (I can wear them at work all day!), and Fahlo animal tracking bracelets."

In her spare time:  "I like to read military/thriller fiction, shop, and go for walks with family and my dog Rockey!"

On her playlist:  "True crime podcasts!"

Tabitha Baysden - Assistant Manager, New Bern

One of Tabitha's favorite clothing brands is Orientique "Because they have reversible clothing it's like two for one! She can't say enough good things about Son of a Bitch anti Chaffe"...it's a literal life changer in the summer or when wearing dresses."  And her favorite socks are Smart Wool because "...they are fun and practical worth every penny!"

Tabitha's favorite past times? "Shopping! We work to go on Vacation!!" and on her playlist..."Pop, Country, 90s....All of the music my play list has A.D.D."

Sydney Bazzle - Manager, Oriental

My favorite product we sell is definitely the Spongelle flowers, I recommend them to nearly everyone that walks through the door looking for a gift or just a little something for themselves! I also love World's Softest Socks; I don't think you can ever have too many pairs of those.

When I'm not shopping at work, I am most likely shopping somewhere else. I hate to say shopping is my hobby, but my love for it definitely comes in handy on the job, because my passion for our merchandise is actually genuine! If I'm not out somewhere blowing my paycheck, I'm most likely spending time with family and friends, or I'm at home using my mediocre cooking skills to try a new recipe.

It depends on the playlist; I have one for just about every mood. Early 2000's music is probably my favorite (it reminds me of my childhood); but I also enjoy other genres like country, indie, pop, rap, and modern and classic rock. Although, my top artist on Spotify for three years straight has been Post Malone. 

Katherine Riggs - Assistant Manager, Oriental

My favorite Nautical Wheelers products would have to be our bath selections. Specifically, I love the Musee bath balms with a surprise inside that make relaxing fun and our Spongelle soap sponges that smell good and are super exfoliating!

When not at work my favorite activity is to shop. I love to look at other products that stores have. If I'm not working or shopping, I am playing with my dog Hank or reading a good book. If someone were to take a trip though my playlist, they would find a variety of artists and genres. It can jump from Miranda Lambert to Eminem to Olivia Rodrigo. 

Janis - Customer Service Sales Associate

Favorite Nautical Wheelers product:  "OLUKAI! The most comfortable flops & shoes ever!!"
Past times:  "Sketching/Drawing & Cooking"
On her playlist:  "Jazz"

Makenna Slocum - Customer Service Sales Associate
Makenna's Favorites:  "Periwinkle earrings are not only cute but very light weight which I look for in earrings, Greenwhich Bay soap and lotions because I love the ingredients and the scents, and finally World's Softest socks are actually the softest socks I've ever worn, I love them!"

When Makenna is not at work, she is "Spending time with friends and family, playing with my dog, and teaching dance at a local studio." And on her playlist; "A mix of different genres from Pop to Contemporary to Country!!"  

Alyssa White - Customer Service Sales Associate

Alyssa's Favorite Things:  "I love our Spartina jewelry selection! It holds up really well over time and a lot of the pieces are very versatile!"

In her spare time: "When I am not working or doing school, I enjoy reading, cooking, shopping, and traveling to new places!"

On her playlist:  My playlists range from country, pop, acoustic, throwbacks, and of course Taylor Swift!

Alivia DeLisle - Assistant Manager, Oriental

I really like the World Softest socks, the Spongelle's, and Teleties. They make great gifts and self-care items. When I'm wanting to treat myself, I pick up one of these or grab a Chapel Hill Toffee.

In my free time my hobbies include trying new recipes, creative writing, and video games. I get a kick out of watching playthroughs of scary games, since I'm too chicken to play them myself.  My music tastes vary, but I tend to gravitate towards woodsy songs, Broadway, lo-fi, alt, and anything that makes me feel like I'm in a different world. Twenty-One Pilots have a special place in my heart and always make one of the top two rankings on my Spotify wrapped. I also enjoy Hozier, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Stray Kids, and Half-Alive.


Sandy Boutillier - Polywood Coordinator

1.  My favorite product is our selection of Orthotic shoes!  My favorite being Aetrex.  Love the styles and comfort.  I can be on my feet all day with total comfort!

2.  I LOVE to visit and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren!!!  I love to paint, go boating and travel!

3.  Country (Highway) - Christian (The Message) ...

Jack Jackson - Polywood Specialist 

1. Favorite products: polywood glider chairs, Columbia Bahama shirts, stonewall kitchen jams
2. When I'm not working I am sailing, boating, working on boats, listening to vinyl records
3. On my playlist you would find a lot of obscure 70s British singers and guitarists.

Cindy Ista - Customer Service Sales Associate